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Customers track the process by requesting progress reports. Also, a customer may ask the writer to submit a part of the work for review and, if necessary, ask him or her to make corrections. Users can do all that using a live chat. Autistic Disorder Dana Keith Beth. The moral of the article's story is that teachers of autistic children with limited spoken languages may indeed need more training to get the most out of their students.

Still on the subject of therapy for autistic children, another article in the journal Autism Vismara, et al. The study was a week research investigation, one hour per week; and what took place was the parents of eight "toddlers" who had been diagnosed with autism were brought together with their children and therapists.

The ESDM model focuses on "creating an affectively warm and rich environment to foster positive relationships between children and adults" Vismara The training with…… [Read More]. Autism Bibliography the Following Bibliography. The overall purpose of this book is to assist teachers and educators to understand the often complex world of autism as it relates to "social and emotional development, communication, cognition and behavior" in a classroom setting. It also addresses the overwhelming needs of autistic children related to "communication and flexibility of thought and behavior" and how these needs "might be overcome or circumvented" both at home in a classroom environment TheNile.

Mesibov, Gary B. New York: Kluwer cademic Press. Overall, this book contains a very detailed overview of autism, such as its clinical history, diagnosis, biological causes,…… [Read More]. Autism What Are the Reasons. In fact, the CDC continues, a scientific review by the Institute of Medicine IOM has concluded that there is no justification for believing that "a casual relationship" exists between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism CDC.

The CDC believes that "about 1 in children have ASD" autism -- quite a different number in comparison with the NAA's data -- and the CDC explains that it is approaching the research into the causes of autism in three important areas: a understanding the trends and the frequency of autism spectrum disorders; b the CDC is conducting advanced research in the causes and potential treatments of ASD; and c the CDC is very involved in research that can help parents and teachers understand the symptoms so early detection and diagnosis is possible.

Autism Is Characterized by Mental. Far from being too simple an explanation for autism, Ramachandran notes that single causes often do lead to multiple symptoms. Ramachandran's hypothesis has been tested using a variety of brain imaging techniques including transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS. Brain imaging did reveal dysfunctional mirror neurons in children with autism vs. In fact, Ramachandran calls the research using TMS "conclusive evidence" that mirror neuron function is the root cause of autism p. The study of embodied cognition enhances research into how mirror neurons impact autism syndromes.

Ramachandran also notes that mirror neuron deficiencies can cause dysfunctional language acquisition. After all, infants acquire language knowledge first from listening and then mimicking mother, father, and others. Autistic children struggle with mimicry. Mirror neurons play a role in language mimicry as does mu-wave suppression, which is why autistic children have trouble both with certain audio stimuli and with mimicking phonemes.

Asperger called the condition "autistic psychopathy" and described it as a personality disorder primarily marked by social isolation, today Asperger's Syndrome is identified as a brain, communication, or neurological disorder like autism, not a personality disorder like, for example, antisocial personality disorder "Asperger's Syndrome fact sheet," , NINDS. Like autism, Asperger's Syndrome is characterized by repetitive routines, rituals, and movements, poor social skills, and odd ways of communicating that do not take into consideration the other person's feelings and needs.

The distinguishing feature of Asperger's, in contrast to classical autism, is that the individuals all have normal IQ but show "limited interests or an unusual preoccupation with a particular subject to the exclusion of other activities" "Asperger's Syndrome fact sheet," , NINDS.

Unlike autistic individuals who show little interest in others, Asperger children may seek out companionship, but may drive other people away because of their refusal to…… [Read More]. Autism Spectrum Disorders Wang K. Science : Introduction This article begins with a discussion of autism spectrum disorders and the social and mental impairments that typify the disorder, setting up an approach that is inherently humanistic and person-centered. Despite the highly technical and quantified nature of the ultimate research question and data collected and analyzed in this study, this person-centered focus and tone is observable throughout this research article.

Immediately following a brief description of the impacts of autism spectrum disorders on individuals that have these disorders, the authors launch into a discussion regarding the evidence for a hereditary pattern in the development of the disorder and the ability to trace the disorder and its impact through families. The authors follow this with a discussion about one of the general methodologies they ultimately employ in this research, known as "homozygosity mapping," which essentially is…… [Read More].

Autism and Dementia Description of Autism Spectrum. Autism and Dementia Description of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dementia Behavioral Criteria for Autism and Dementia The Incidence ates and Causes Options for Treatment Based on Theoretical Models Description of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dementia Autism Spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is essentially a brain dysfunction that has the potential to affect emotion, learning ability and memory that gradually comes to light as an individual grows up.

This is generally evident in children and sometimes, if undetected and untreated, can manifest in adults also. Autism Spectrum disorder can include brain dysfunctions due to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Down syndrome and intellectual developmental disorder. The root of autism seems to be in the very early brain development.

Since it is a brain developmental condition that becomes prominent as an individual continuous to grow…… [Read More]. Autism: Home-Based Treatment of Young Children Over time, research findings have shown that behavioral intervention intensive instituted early enough impacts significantly on the trajectory developmental of children having autism. In a big way, such findings have informed quite a number of treatment programs targeting youngsters with autism.

Some of the main approaches that have been adopted as far as the treatment of autism is concerned include the school-based approach, the center-based approach and the home-based approach. In this text, I concern myself with treatment home-based of children with autism. According to Sheinkopf and Siegel , parents and professionals have often encountered difficulties formulating appropriate treatment approaches for youngsters with autism. This is mainly as a result of the variations that exist when it comes to the treatment of the condition.

Indeed, Sheinkopf and Siegel note that many children with autism end up receiving a cocktail of modalities in regard…… [Read More]. Autistic Spectrum. Autism is a very complex neurodevelopmental disorder previously classified in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders -- fourth edition -- text revision DSM -- IV -- T as a pervasive developmental disorder American Psychiatric Association [APA], In the diagnostic scheme for pervasive developmental disorders was changed and that term was deleted from the DSM-5 APA, The new designation became Autistic Spectrum Disorders ASD's and now represents a heterogeneous set of disorders that clinically present as a spectrum of developmental issues ranging from severe cognitive impairment to functional cognitive impairment.

The diagnosis of ASD replaces the previous diagnoses of autistic disorder often called autism , Asperger's disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, and the rather vague category of pervasive developmental disorder that is not otherwise specified APA, ASD's are characterized by varying levels of deficits in social skills these skills are identified as being deficits in skills of…… [Read More].

Autism Has Grown Considerably in. A brief but insightful article that stresses the importance of communication is Autistic Kids Benefit from Dads' Involvement. This also applies to the issue of parental stress but echoes other studies that emphasize the importance of communication skills in treating autistic children.

There article notes that autism is a disability or disorder that appears during the first three years of life and is characterized by problems interacting and communicating with others. The writer explores what it is and how it manifests itself. The writer also discusses the teaching methods that have been used to allow the autistic student to take part in a public education.

There were ten sources used to complete this paper. Each year millions of American couples add to their family with the birth of a baby. The pregnancy is spent getting ready for the newcomer. Names are chosen, baby items are purchased and stored and other people's children are discussed as examples of what might be produced by this child. The family becomes ready as they read up on the milestones that they can expect the baby to make at various times of the first few years of development. By the time the baby is born the parents have studied the progress that can be expected and are ready to start their life as a…… [Read More].

Autism on Women and Girls. For now, however, the cause of autism remains a mystery The objective of this proposal is to assess the effects of autism on girls and women and their education. The eight female subjects will be grouped. Group A will include four female subjects who had been diagnosed with autism when they were very young, and Group.

The full treatment and education records would be available for each subject. There will be a total of four sessions, one subject from Group A and one subject from Group. In each session. For gathering the data here, a quantitative approach would not be appropriate since quantitative data may be misleading. Autism in Women Girls and. At long last, here is a book that provides women on the autism spectrum the opportunity to tell the world about their experiences, good and bad.

Leading professionals in the field punctuate this masterpiece with fascinating articles that offer insightful advice. Finally, autism literature isn't just a "man's world. Quirky citizens: Autism, gender, and reimagining disability. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 33 4 , By evoking a notion of disability that fundamentally disputes the assumption of disablement as natural or a detriment, these studies follow critiques of the social construction of gender and race and also chart out new grounds to extinguish socially disabling categories.

Every step of the process needs to be broken down into its simplest elements: putting the sanitary napkin in a purse, bringing the purse to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, removing the paper from the back of the pad, etc. You could have the young female change her pad up to eight times a day during the school hours. With puberty comes a new sensations in the body, and topic of masturbation is one that fraught with shades of gray. As almost everything in autism, you have to address on a case by case basis. Young females and women need a rigorous curriculum and need to be pushed harder than most of us in our lives.

They need to learn how to identify familiar people, make a snack, sort laundry, simple task so one day they can enter into the real world and function to the best of their…… [Read More]. Autistic Children. Mirror Neuron Dysfunction in Autistic Disorder Autistic disorder is characterized by impairments in communication and social interaction. Autistic children also often display restricted behaviors and repetitive behaviors. These signs of autism usually appear before the age of three.

The role of mirror neuron system and how dysfunctions in this system may relate to the deficits observed in autistic disorder are discussed. Mirror neurons fire when animals or people act or observe the same action performed by another. There are two chief…… [Read More]. Autism on Family's Social Participation. Mary Law entitled: "Autism Spectrum Disorders and Occupational Therapy' states of the autistic child that this child "may be the child who is standing in the middle of the field at recess spinning around in circles, or she may be the child who can't stand the way a certain fabric feels on her body or the way a certain texture of food feels in her mouth, or it may be the child who is throwing a severe temper tantrum because they just can't communicate their needs.

Autism and Performance. Children with autism can be hard to assess. Many children who fall under the criteria needed to determine autism, may be in fact be socially awkward, shy, among other things. Some have even identified a gene that could play a role in the development of autism.

This however does not speak for the majority of children diagnoses with autism so therefore other assessment tools as well identification methods must be used to determine whether a child has autism. These conditions are now all called autism spectrum disorder" CDC, Along with the new guidelines for proper diagnosis comes a set of identification methods…… [Read More].

Autism Continues to Confound Researchers. Rather than heeding the advice of doctors or researchers, parents may find it easier to accept the claims of those who offer easy solutions to the complex problem of autism. Because few scientific interventions claim miracles, parents are more likely to shun them in favor of a fantastical one. A fear of pharmaceuticals, often justified, is another reason why some parents might shun scientific data. Although some pharmacological interventions do not have longitudinal research attached to them that might reassure parents that the drug is not going to cause any serious side effects, the suspicion that drugs might do children harm remains strong.

Parents are wise to mistrust the blind faith in pharmaceuticals, but some medications can be used to help autistic children. Finally, the cost of autism interventions is enormous. Parents who cannot afford continued therapy or interventions might opt for unproven, pseudoscientific methods that are less expensive. However,…… [Read More].

Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kogan et al. Many of the studies of the prevalence of ASD are taken from clinical data; the researchers believe that this data inaccurate. The researchers review all of the current research used to determine the prevalence of ASD and point out several flaws in each of these studies. The study would help identify demographic variables associated with ASDs. The researchers considered a child in the study to have ASD if a physician had told their parents at one time or another that the child had an ASD diagnosis.

Autism in the United States and Canada Essay. Compare and contrast now and then in the United States with regard to the disability in terms of policy, practices, and perspectives and draw comparisons and contrasts to the other country at similar times in history. Complete the graphic organizer with your research notes and sources. Autism in the United States Policies in the United States changed towards granting more grants to autism research to understand what may cause autism and what can be done to diagnose autism earlier.

As more and more organizations sprang up to research autism, people now understand what autism is…… [Read More]. Autistic Child Behavior. FBA Assessment The author of this report has been asked to review and assess a functional behavior assessment that was completed for a patient. Within this brief summary, the behavior itself and the function of the same behavior will be analyzed and summarized.

Parts of the description will include the background of the student, a narrative description of the behavior, the setting or settings within which the behavior occurs, the frequency of the behavior, the intensity of the behavior, the duration of the behavior, previous attempted interventions and the educational impact of all of the above. While the situation with the student could be much worse, there are some troubling signs…… [Read More].

Autism and Asperger S In a Child of Interview With a Child Bill is a year-old child, Caucasian, ethnicity unknown. He is the only son of Sandra and Dave, who are divorced. They separated when Bill was 9. He currently lives with Sandra in their home. Dave moved to a different city and is rarely seen by Bill. Sandra is very protective of Bill. She homeschooled him for two years after she and Dave separated, but now she feels that Bill may need some sort of outside stimulation.

He is often withdrawn and uncommunicative and she fears he may be depressed or suffering from autism. Bill has always been sensitive to sounds and to touch. He did not begin speaking until he was almost 3 years old and then he had to take speech lessons. When he was 10, he told his psychiatrist that he hated his parents because they fought all the time and that they hated…… [Read More]. How to Communicate With an Autistic Child. Autism is one of the most severe and disruptive of all childhood disorders - a level of disruption that of course lasts well into adulthood. With both genetic and environmental elements at work, autism which affects boys at least three times more often than girls and is found in all races and throughout the world is a communicative disorder that interferes with an individual's ability to form social relationships as well as to communicate with others.

The inability to communicate easily with others is devastating for many children with autism. Being disconnected from other members of the human community is always a difficult condition, but it is especially difficult to the young. An adult who finds himself or herself unable to communicate will already have established connections with other people.

But a child with autism often has the greatest possible difficulties communicating and so establishing those connections to begin with. Thimersal Does Not Cause Autism. Autism is one of the most severe and disruptive of all childhood disorders - with a high level of disruption that of course lasts well into adulthood. With both genetic and environmental elements at work in it, autism which affects boys at least three times more often than girls and is found in all races and throughout the world is a communicative disorder that interferes with an individual's ability to form social relationships as well as to communicate with others.

As might well be expected to be the case with any severe condition the etiology of which is understood a number of "folk" explanations for the condition have developed, including the idea that childhood vaccinations and especially the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal that is used in the formulation of many vaccines is responsible for triggering the condition. This paper argues against any connection between Thimerosal and autism or rather argues that…… [Read More].

Medical Diagnosis vs Educational Diagnosis of Autism. Autism The differences between a medical diagnosis of Autism and an educational diagnosis of Autism often have implications for the individualized educational prospects of an autistic student in public schools. Often even when a child has a medical diagnosis of autism parents still go through the diagnostic process of the school to determine what, if any, educational adjustments can or should be made.

Diagnosis is made more difficult by the fact Autistic symptoms vary widely in individuals and often tend to manifest themselves in many different combinations Lenne, , P. Autistic impairment includes social, communicative, and behavioral development challenges. An autistic child may have trouble with nonverbal language, poor eye contact, and difficult making and retaining friends Lenne, , P. Repeated body movements and…… [Read More]. The Exploration of Autism Spectrum Disorders 1. Autism Spectrum Disorders esearch shows that in today's society, the awareness of Autism has went from something that people were ashamed of, all the way to the forefront of education.

It is also noted that research is increasing due to the rising amount of people and children that are suffering from Autism Spectrum disorders. However, this disorder is gaining attention all over the world. With that said, this paper will challenge and explore the mystery of this condition, and expectations for the future, concerning this disorder in an ever developing and expanding society.

What is Autism?

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Autism came on the scene in At first, the condition is was believed to be some kind of a mental retardation condition. Some even categorized this condition as someone that is insane. However, Leo Kanner recognized that these children did not fall into the category of emotionally disturbed children.

Instead, he recorded patterns…… [Read More]. Study of Autism Disorder. The mother has worked full time for a number of years while the biological father is absent and rarely offers support or sees his children. The mother currently reports high levels of stress that are in part due to Ben's ASD symptoms and his behavior at home. These symptoms include requiring considerable amounts of attention, difficulties with communication, mood swings and frequent outbursts, and trouble with school and homework. Ben has had many problematic behaviors since birth including poor sleeping habits.

Currently, Ben has entered the first grade and is experiencing tremendous difficulties in school which has prompted the school to moving Ben to an individualized educational program IEP. Although there are many problematic behaviors that have been reported at school, the primary problem that the…… [Read More].

Literature Review on Autism. Autism, first identified in around the s, has been described as a clinical disorder that is characterized by impairment in individuals towards social interaction and communication. Such individuals are also restricted and stereotyped in the patterns of interests and behaviors [1]. At present, the prevalence of autism in the population in the United States is around one in every 68 children; which include roughly 1 in every 42 boys identified 2 Such figures have increased significantly over the years.

When compared to the similar figures in the early s, the rates of prevalence of diagnosed autism were estimated to be about 1 in 2, in the early s [3] which is many times lower than the present rates. While the above numbers suggest that there has been a dramatic increase in the prevalence of diagnosed autism over the past few decades, it has also fueled an ongoing debate and an…… [Read More].

There are reports that any decrease in the pathway of Oxytocin, is a possible causative factor to the development of autistic situation Munese-et-al. Decrease in Oxytocin comes about because of mutations in its receptors, which lead to a reduction on the amount of Oxytocin released to the body posing possible chances for the development of autistic conditions Lerer et-al. There is partial dependency of Oxytocin secretion to a protein found, in the cellular membranes of certain red blood cells.

The scientific reference of these proteins is CD38, and whenever they mutate there develops a risk of Autism. Mice engineered without the oxytocin receptor gene have been shown to display socially anomalous behavior such as a deficiency of maternal behavior…… [Read More]. AfAm Autism Autism Interventions Amongst African-Americans The rise in diagnoses of autism spectrum disorders amongst wide swaths of children in the developed world has led to many complex and unique problems for parents, physicians, and children.

Understanding and properly addressing autism and its impact on learning, family, and the community in specific ethnic, religious, and cultural contexts requires accurate and comprehensive knowledge of how the problem and potential solutions are perceived by individual cultural community. The following pages provide a brief overview of research related to autism in the African-American community, with special attention paid to specific intervention programs and methods that are successful in addressing autism amongst African-Americans.

From this analysis, it can be seen that well-defined problems exist when confronting autism and other mental disorders in this cultural group, and that particular frameworks need to be implemented in order to achieve truly effective results. Home Topics Health Autism Essays. Autism View Full Essay. References Lau, N. And Alaedini, A. Leyfer, O. And Lainhart, J. Comorbid psychiatric disorders in children with autism: Interview development and rates of disorders. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 36 7 , pp.

Rapoport, J. And Gogtay, N. Autism spectrum disorders and childhood-onset schizophrenia: clinical and biological contributions to a relation revisited. Simonoff, E. And Baird, G. Psychiatric disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders: prevalence, comorbidity, and associated factors in a population-derived sample.

References Klintwall, L. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 42 1 , Doi: Is the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist a useful tool for monitoring progress in children with autism spectrum disorders? Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 55 3 , -- Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 32 1 , Silva, L. A model and treatment for autism at the convergence of Chinese medicine and Western science: First cases. Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, 17 6 , References Gongola, L. And Sweeney, J. Intervention in School and Clinic.

Parker, D. And Kamps, D. Focus on Autism and Other Disabilities 26 3 Mannill Institute on Disabilities. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Thiessen, C. Behavior Modification The whole family comes to the rescue of the needs and specification of the family members. This is possible with the change of attitude and perception drawn from the available measures of growth and development in the society. Initially, the parents to Rowan were not aware of the specified number of approvals that their son needed in order to assume a quality life in the society.

Nonetheless, the presence of these facets necessitated for the growth and development of the horse needs. The family had to shift its intentions and even the place of settlement in order to offer the necessary measures and requirements to the growth and development of their son in the society. There are other specified characteristic of the family like managing the available avenues of growth within the sector of child development. The family had to shift its settlement locations.

Moreover, the family had to ensure that it has provided all the requirements that are needed by the child in the society. In essence, Rowan suffers the consequences of having to respond to his immediate needs in the family. It is not a big burden for the family to provide the required amenities in this regard. Nonetheless, there are specific managerial avenues that are directed at influencing positive establishment of the society and its growth agencies. In order to master the entire family and provide for the specified needs, the family has to change its plans starting from the vocational boundaries to school levels.

Public schools prepare to educate children with Autism. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Fourth Edition. Text Revision. Washington DC Arthur-Kelly. Enhancing everyday communication for children with disabilities. Baltimore: Paul H. Attwood, T. Strategies for improving the social integration of children with Asperger Syndrome.

Autism, 4, References Beckman, P. Family perceptions of inclusion. Odom Ed. New York: Teachers College Press. Caronna, E. Autism spectrum disorders: Clinical and research frontiers. Archives of Dis Child, 93 6 -- Mathematics Education and Learning Disabilities in Spain.

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Journal of Learning Disabilities, 37 1 , Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 24 3 , Bibliography Articlesbase. Retrieved April 14, , from Questia database:. Diagnostic Criteria for Developmental and Psychopathology. Using self-report to identify the broad phenotype in parents of children with autistic spectrum disorders: A study using the Autism Spectrum Quotient.

Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 45, Easterbrook, G. In search of the cause of autism. References: Gerber, J. The study originally recruited 14, pregnant women with expected delivery dates between April and December Of the children in the study with ASD there were 86 such children identified with the disorder by age 11 years giving a prevalence of 62 per 10, children. These numbers were based upon the original recruited sample of 13, children. Steer However, these numbers are somewhat lower than previous numbers. For example, a recent study by Baron-Cohen et.

When the ALSPAC studies were conducted on the sample of 13, children a significantly smaller sample than the original sample , there were 80 cases of ASD identified. Of the 80 ASD cases identified, 28 represent childhood autism, 14 were atypical, 21 were Asperger's syndrome, 3 had unspecified pervasive developmental disorders, and 14 had.

Bibliography Autism: Understanding the Disorder. New York: Kluwer Academic Press. Works Cited Bock, G. Autism: Neural Basis and Treatment Possibilities. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Hollander, E. Autism Spectrum Disorders. New York: Marcel Dekker. Jacobson, J. Schoen, a. Bibliography Barrett, Rowland P. Carothers, Douglas E. George, O'Brien. Goin, Robin P. Pharmaceutical Interventions Only one prescription medication has been FDA approved for treating ASD and this is the antipsychotic medication risperidone for irritability Rossignol, , p. The use of any others are generally provided 'off-label' for non-FDA-approved uses and confined to treating the symptoms associated with ASD.

What is most troubling about using medications off-label is that the short-term and long-term benefits are usually unknown, especially in children, and the risk of side effects generally high. A retrospective analysis of all known or suspected pharmaceutical treatments for ASD was performed recently and each was graded on the quality of research performed Rossignol, The most promising treatments that were supported by well-controlled studies include melatonin, vitamin C, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors rivastigmine, donepezil, galantine , and naltrexone.

Vitamin C significantly reduced repetitive behaviors in a small group of children and had no adverse effects. The advantages of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors were a decrease in the severity of autistic symptoms, but the adverse side effects were sometimes significant and included nausea, diarrhea, irritability, and hyperactivity.

Naltrexone also reduced the severity of symptoms and. Resources Klin, Ami. Autism and Asperger syndrome: an overview.

Thesis about Autism

Available from:. ISSN Wondra Lee, et al. Academic Search Premier. References Burgess, a. Child and adolescent mental health 12 2 : 80 -- Chiang, H. Naturalistic observations of elicited expressive communication of children with autism: An analysis of teacher instructions. The National Autistic Society Vol 13 2 : -- Fombonne, E. Canadian journal of psychiatry 48 8 : -- 5. Helt, M. Can children with autism recover? If so, how? Neuropsychological review 18 4 : -- References Courchesne, Eric.

Volume: 26; No; 1; pp: Drain, Tammy. Volume: 25; No:1; pp: Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology. Vol: No:1; pp: Autism in Children View Full Essay. Works Cited Coffey, K. And Obringer, J. A case study on autism: School accommodations and inclusive. Academic Search Premier, 4 , Coonrod, E. And Stone, W. Early concerns of parents of children with autistic and nonautistic disorders. Infants and Young Children, 3, pp. Cox, A. Autism spectrum disorders at 20 and 42 months of age: stability of clinical and ADI-R diagnosis.

Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology, 40, The Birmingham Post England , p. CDC, October 18, E, 14, References Autism Speaks Inc. Bowler, Autism spectrum disorders: psychological theory and research. John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention in Autism.

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Retrieved October. References Brown, K. A spectrum of support: current and best practices for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD at community colleges. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 40 6 , — School based cognitive behavioural therapy targeting anxiety in children with autistic spectrum disorder: a quasi-experimental randomised controlled trail incorporating a mixed methods approach. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 47 12 , — Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches 4th ed.

Elias, R. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 48 3 , — Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 47 11 , — Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45 1 , 90— Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45 6 , — Remedial and Special Education, 37 1 , 3— References Lord, C. Autism from 2 to 9 years of age. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Screening and Diagnosis. Autism Society. History of Autism. Autism Spectrum View Full Essay. References Autism spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum.

Global prevalence of autism and other pervasive developmental disorders, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, References CDC, What is the MMR vaccine, when was it introduced, what are the side effects and why was it linked to autism? Does the MMR vaccine put my child at greater risk for autism? Baby Centre. References Buchanan, E.