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A Level Physics Revision Guide by Richard Woodside Get your best grades with this exam-focused text that will guide you through the content and skills you need to prepare for the big day. The Fold Out Notes are part of the Study Pack - a complete solution to help you excel in your assessments. Click on the buttons below. Neutrons and protons have different masses when they aren't in a nucleus The difference in the sum of the mass is called the mass defect. Covers a wide range of topics for juniors and seniors!

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Physics revision is easy with easyphysics. Turn your hard work into the top A-Level results with the Cheeky Shortcut Guide to the most common topics within the Ph What makes a lot of the work rather difficult is understanding the topics and getting your head around what exactly is going on. The motion of objects in one-dimension are described using word, diagrams, numbers, graphs, and equations. Although the pages are particularly designed for AQA, they also will help with the syllabuses from other boards.

The AQA A Level Physics Revision Guide provides comprehensive, specification-matched content, packed with engaging revision and practice material to keep you focused. We also support teachers to develop their professional skills. If you want to understand everything from the smallest building blocks of matter to the large scale structure of the universe then Physics is the subject for you.

Chemistry documents. About Physics: Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. Make sure to remember your password. Join over 22, learners who have passed their exams thanks to us! Sign up below to get instant access! The book is intended for A-level courses which is an UK-based syllabus, but it can be adapted for suitable needs. Experienced former MOE Teacher focuses on every student by adopting a customised approach in small class settings. Learn and revise with easy physics tutorial, revision questions and model answers.

AQA KS3 physics 3. Revision and exam technique are taught by experienced tutors in London. Welcome to GorillaPhysics! A unit is a measure of the quantity. This guide also includes a Questions and […] The Best Physics O Level Notes compiled from all around the world at one place for your ease so you can prepare for your tests and examinations with the satisfaction that you have the best resources available to you.

We have distilled all the course content for Level 3 Physics into a set of 3 handy reference guides. See the example below. A good knowledge of basic-physics and some well-rounded mathematics is recommended. Materials 5. It is also meant to be a useful tool for teachers to hopefully give a fresh perspective on old turf. By admin in Uncategorized on August 27, From physics worksheets to past papers you will find everything you need.

A Level Tutors. Revision notes for A level Physics coursework H1 and H2 : For each topics, there are A level revision questions with worked solutions that you can attempt. I have posted Powerpoint notes on the various Physics chapters in this section. A-Level Physics revision notes, videos and more for Edexcel. Resources: A level physics online is incredibly helpful, and has a huge number of videos covering most of the AS content for all exam boards for free - the videos are made with OCR A in mind but can be used with any exam board, I am on OCR B and find them to be a very effective A-levels: test your science knowledge Chemistry and Physics papers by the AQA exam board so you can show us how well you know your science Assume the ground is level.

I really hope you enjoy learning Physics. Use highlighter pens.

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The notes available here are great for revision and studying on the go. A-Level Revision site Hi there, Thanks for coming on to take a look at some of the notes that I have made, or have been made by friends, that have been very useful in my A-Level exams. AQA provides qualifications that enable students to progress to the next stage in their lives. A master equation map for the entire subject is provided. Tips and notes for English, General Paper, and composition writing are also provided. A Level Revision. Guides and question banks covering Atomic structure, Electromagnetic waves, Kinetic Theory and many more Physics a-level topics.

Videos are Currently in Development phase. Your channel is by far the best resource I found. This book is intended to help you to prepare for your University of Cambridge International A and AS level physics examinations. The Free Revision Website for Students. Gravitational-FieldsStudent-Copy 9. Revision for A-levels exams. Simply browse all the topics and study our high quality material. It is designed to support the textbook, Physics for CCEA A2 Level 2nd Edition, by providing students with a consistent approach to the subject throughout the course and as they prepare for their examinations.

Click on the links below to access the video resources. Some key conversions etc also included. You only need to choose the topics that you have learned about in Level 2 Physics - refer to the Mechanics Achievement Standard or the Electricity Achievement Standard for more info - and revise solving numerical problems and writing answers to exam questions. You'll find loads of teaching videos, revision videos, practical videos, exam practice videos, and more here. Manage your own revision with step-by-step support from experienced examiner and author Richard Woodside.

To vote for your favourites, follow the links below and give each site a star rating using the tool bar. A website made by IB students for IB students! This playlist will contain a set of videos to assist the A Level Physics Student with his or her revision. While notes certainly prove helpful, Physics is an A Level where video tutorials really can be a revision life saver, and here's one website you'll definitely want to book mark.

Cowen Physics has been created to provide free physics revision videos for students and teachers. It also contains a wealth of exam-style questions to test your knowledge and skills to help you fully prepare for the exams. Newton's Laws. Everything you need to get the A-level results you want is here. A level Physics revision. In this episode, he will look at what electrical work done is and how it can be calculated. Very helpful for those who want a broad knowledge of Physics. Error: My Profile is currently unavailable.

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For more details refer to ocr. Whether you want to come to face-to-face events, look at our new digital training or search for training Watch out for details at cpdhub. Cambridge Assessment o lesson elements plays a leading role in developing and delivering o …and much more. Over 13, qualifications and prepare you for first teaching. We aim to encourage learners to become responsible for their own learning, confident in discussing ideas, innovative and engaged.

A flexible approach interesting to teach and administer within all centres large and small. As learners Our new A Level in Physics B Advancing Physics progress through the course they will build on their qualification builds on our existing popular course. For A large and small and have updated areas of content and level only, the Practical Endorsement will also support assessment where stakeholders have identified that the development of practical skills. Learners study physics in a range of different societies, HE, teaching and industry and through focus contexts, conveying the excitement of contemporary groups with teachers.

Our papers and specifications physics. The course provides a distinctive structure have been trialled in centres during development to within which candidates learn about fundamental make sure they work well for all centres and learners. Practical skills are embedded The content changes are an evolution of our legacy within the specification and learners are expected to offering and will be familiar to centres already carry out practical work in preparation for a written following our courses, but are also clear and logically examination that will specifically test these skills.

We have All of our specifications have been developed with worked closely with teachers and HE representatives subject and teaching experts. We have worked in close to provide high quality support materials to guide you consultation with teachers and representatives from through the new qualifications. Whether new to our specifications, or continuing from Find out more?

The science team also release a termly Check what CPD events are available: newsletter Science Spotlight despatched to centres www. Reported Practical Endorsement separately in physics 04 see Section non exam assessment 5h All components include synoptic assessment. Each module is introduced follows: with a summary of the physics it contains and each topic is also introduced with a short summary text. Module 1 — Development of practical skills in physics The assessable content is divided into two columns: 1.

The Additional guidance column is included to provide further advice on Module 3 — Physics in action delivery and the expected skills required from learners. Module 4 — Understanding processes The mathematical requirements in Section 5e are also referenced by the prefix M to link the mathematical 4.

Module 5 — Rise and fall of the clockwork universe The specification has been designed to be co-teachable 5. These are Practical activities are embedded within the learning shown in the Additional guidance column as PAG1 to outcomes of the course to encourage practical activities in the classroom which contribute to the PAG10 Practical Activity Group, see Section 5h. Content of modules 1 to 6 Learners are expected to be able to demonstrate The headings for these categories are: and apply their knowledge and understanding of all the learning outcomes in this specification.

The a Describe and explain learning outcomes in modules 2 — 6 are split into four b Make appropriate use of categories, labelled a , b , c , and d , to order the specification in a helpful way for planning teaching c Make calculations and estimates involving 2 programmes and to help identify the knowledge required of learners taking the course. Module 1: Development of practical skills in physics Physics is a practical subject and the development needed to collect and analyse empirical data.

Skills in of practical skills is fundamental to understanding planning, implementing, analysing and evaluating, as the nature of physics.

Physics B gives learners many outlined in 1. Learners should be able to apply scientific knowledge based on the content of the specification to the practical context. HSW3 b identification of variables that must be controlled, where appropriate c evaluation that an experimental method is HSW6 appropriate to meet the expected outcomes. HSW4 b appropriate units for measurements M0. HSW5 b use of appropriate mathematical skills for Refer to Section 5e for a list of mathematical skills analysis of quantitative data that learners should have acquired competence in as part of their course.

HSW3 c appropriate use of significant figures M1. Learners should develop and practise a wide range of Please refer to Section 5h the Practical Endorsement practical skills throughout the course as preparation for of this specification to see the list of practical the Practical Endorsement, as well as for the written experiences all learners should cover during the examinations. Further advice and guidance on the Practical The experiments and skills required for the Practical Endorsement can be found in the Practical Skills Handbook support booklet. HSW3 Use and application of scientific methods and practices b safely and correctly use a range of practical See Section 5h.

Learners should understand how to minimise the risks involved. Learners should be exposed and trained The Physics B approach to data analysis builds on the in the techniques of analysis and the handling of practical skills in module 1. In Learning outcomes Additional guidance 2 a Describe and explain: i factors affecting accuracy and uncertainty of measurements ii the importance of recognising the largest source of uncertainty in a measurement.

Estimate of best fit gradients and intercepts with uncertainty ii estimating uncertainties when data As set out in the ASE publication Signs, Symbols and are combined by addition, subtraction, Systematics The ASE Companion to 16—19 Science, multiplication, division and raising to This gives learners an skills and habits of independent working and show a early opportunity to appreciate the breadth of the wide range of ways in which physics is put to use. It subject and its practical, conceptual and mathematical includes many opportunities for practical work that demands.

The 3. The physics of the imaging ethical issues of sharing information HSW Learners have opportunities to develop understanding electrical circuits, especially charge, IT skills through the use of image processing, data current, potential difference, resistance, conductance capture and data analysis software. The material can and potential dividers. Some of this work will be in be taught using contexts such as smart phones, data the context of sensors and instrumentation. There streaming, medical scanning and remote sensing. The physics may be put of materials.

Examples should include: a metal, a into context through a study of materials in medicine ceramic and a long-chain polymer. Learners should and engineering. Human and cultural issues arise in be given opportunities to discuss and share their considering the impact of materials on technology and understanding of the uses and properties of these society HSW7, 9, 10, 11, It is not intended that learners acquire a detailed 2 knowledge of a range of materials. PAG2 ii determining Young modulus for a metal links to 3.

Understanding superposition phenomena of waves with a brief Processes is organised around different ways of account of the quantum behaviour of photons. This is describing and understanding processes of change: a rich field for practical physics and learners will have motion in space and time, wave motion, quantum many opportunities to extend their experimental and behaviour.

It provides a sound foundation in the analytical skills. In addition, the topics provide a picture classical physics of mechanics and waves and takes the of the development of theories and understanding story further, touching on the quantum probabilistic over time HSW1, HSW2, HSW7. Quantum behaviour 2 view. Physical variables are extended from scalars to quantities that add like vectors.

Either section may be covered first.


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Some teachers may wish to introduce work on vector addition from 4. IT skills may be developed vectors. The conservation of momentum, the through a variety of data capture techniques and kinematics of uniformly accelerated motion and simple mathematical modelling HSW3. PAG1 with data obtained from ticker timers, light gates, data-loggers and video techniques ii determining the acceleration of free fall, using trapdoor and electromagnet links to 4.

The first section 5. Space flight There are many opportunities for practical work and and astronomical data can provide a context and there empirical data can be compared and contrasted to the are further opportunities to consider the development predictions made by the simple mathematical models. The third section 5. The difference can be highlighted between model of its origin. The ideas of the universality of the those models in which well-determined behaviour speed of light and the relativistic consequence of time is due to exact rules operating on variables as in dilation are introduced.

The beginnings of the basis of The important idea that differences drive change is thermodynamic thinking appear in the study of the introduced here. Boltzmann factor. The electric field, as the interaction between charges at rest, links back to the The second section 6.

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There are opportunities for discussing the potential. This section gives more opportunities to of atoms and nuclei and the nature of fundamental discuss the development of models in physics and particles. The practical implications of radioactivity are the international cooperation needed to fund large considered, introducing the idea of risk. The first section 6. Ideas from earlier in the module are used to consider particle paths in decay. This leads to a consideration of nuclear power generation. The biological effects of ionising radiation magnetic and electric fields in the context of particle are also considered, giving more opportunity to accelerators.

Evidence for discrete energy levels consider issues of ethics, decision making and the risks leads on to a crude model of the atom as a particle and benefits of technology HSW9, HSW10, HSW