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The source of many inventions, Franklin was best known for his famous kite-flying experiment that he conducted during a lightning storm. In the early s, he developed a vision for the Academy and College of Philadelphia, which opened in and later merged with the University of the State of Pennsylvania to become the University of Pennsylvania. Franklin became involved in politics in the s and s.

In addition to numerous political appointments, Franklin displayed his diplomatic brilliance when he was sent to Europe to advance colonial relations with Great Britain and France. After a five-year stay in London, he returned to the Colonies in and developed a proposal for managing colonial relations with the Indians.

Later, in the fight for American independence, Franklin was instrumental in securing financial aid and military backing from the French to help defeat the British. At the age of 81, Franklin was the oldest delegate to attend the Constitutional Convention of Franklin also gave an influential speech at the end of the Convention, later republished during the ratification debates, urging delegates to accept the document as the best that a collective body was likely able to craft. Franklin viewed the flow of ideas through such freedoms as essential to democracy, and he practiced these rights through numerous literary endeavors and ownership of the Pennsylvania Gazette.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin viewed free expression as the principal antagonist of tyrannical regimes. He also defended religious toleration and freedom. He vested authority in the actions of man rather than in an absolute religious doctrine.

Franklin eventually became a staunch abolitionist in the fight to free slaves. He was the oldest signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the U. Constitution, bringing not only seasoned intellect to the creation of these documents, but also insight and patriotism.

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At age six, John Wesley was rescued from a burning room in his father's rectory, depicted here in this 19th century engraving. The dramatic incident caused him to refer to himself later in life as a "brand plucked from the burning. Portraits of Faith.

The dramatic George Whitefield preaching in the open-air at Leeds in George Whitefield A comprehensive online biography of the great preacher. The page is generic — no pictures, no design, no frills — just pure information. And the information is very good.

Tolerance in Benjamin Kaplan´s Divided by Faith Essay

Have a look at the full text. There is lots to read here. The Internet is about finding information, and what you'll find here is quite useful. It's a fantastic overview of the root causes and repercussions of the Great Awakening. Gesturing dramatically, sometimes weeping openly or thundering out threats of hellfire-and-brimstone, they turned the sermon into a gripping theatrical performance. Read about the preaching style of George Whitefield. Learn More Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government when this support is taken away the constitution of a free society is dissolved Bad News About Christianity.

Tolerance Essay.

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To the Founders tolerance was not to be equated with approval or agreement let alone encouragement that would imply an equal place should be made for. Since Franklin is a figure of such historical significance I have also included links to some of the books he read and articles he wrote throughout the Supremacy and Survival blogger.

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