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When applied to the nations as a whole, woman defined the ancient city-states of Athens and Sparta. Though women of Sparta still could not vote, their lives were not as wrongfully restricted as those of Athens. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to life in both Athens and Sparta, but if I had to choose one to live in I would most likely choose Athens.

Athens and Sparta can be compared to each other in many ways. Ancient Greece was comprised of small city-states, of which Sparta and Athens were two. Although the competing city-states of Sparta and Athens were individually different as well as governmentally diverse, they both managed to become dominating powers in Ancient Greece.

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This essay will compare and contrast both Athens and Sparta in regards to society, government, culture and gender. Athens was the most populated. The people of Athens was inte In contrast to Sparta, Athens provided the best model in ancient Greece. Creighton, 1 The political system in Athens drastically contrasted the Spartans'.

Sparta had an Oligarchy which meant their society was ruled by few.

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In conclusion, the Athenian society brought forth an abundance of democratic innovative ideas to Ancient Athens, contrasting Sparta. Athens society rights superseded those of Sparta's, which reflected their democracy.

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Athens was renowned as a center of wisdom and learning. This is my report on Sparta and Athens, two very important city-states in Greece.

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Sparta Sparta is my favorite of the two cities in my report because in my opinion they were the most interesting. The metics were people born outside of Athens. Well, there's my report on Sparta and Athens. I like Sparta better and they also kicked Athens's rumparoo in the Peloponnesian War. When the rivalry between Athens and Sparta renewed itself at the beginning of the Peloponnesian War in , thinking at the time pointed to an inevitable Spartan victory.

He was a born politician who sought to advance his own position as exhibited by his betrayal of Athens and Sparta at different stages in the war. During the Peace of Nicias, Alcibiades was an active advocate for a strengthening of Athens relations with Argos in an attempt to weaken Sparta. Two of these cities, ancient Athens and ancient Rome, stand out from other cities of their time due to their culture, politics, and influence, both on the world around them and on future civilizations.

These strengths qualify them as world cities, and despite their eventual losses of power, their legacies live on.

Athens obtained hegemony around BC, right after the war-like city-state of Sparta During the Dark Ages, the Dorians made their way south, capturing the inhabitants of the lands they passed through as helots. At the beginning of the Dark Ages, it is thought that there were many Dorian settlements in Laconia, each with their own helot population. At some time during the Dark Ages, Sparta overtook these fellow Dorian settlements and their helot populations, as well as control of the whole of Laconia The Gerousia came up with all of the laws and political policies in ancient Sparta.

The political decisions that the Gerousia made were carried out by five executives known as euphors. The euphors were also put into power by the people of Sparta. The citizens of Athens had very little influence in their government. Athens government was an oligarchy, meaning ruled by few. Only the rich citizens of Athens had power in the government.

The lower class had a large disadvantage politically. The people of Athens did not have much say in their government like the people of Sparta did Sparta is the most formidable city known in history. Sparta started out as a small city fighting only to survive against enemy invaders. Her goal was to avoid defeat from other city-states and she very nearly succeeded in achieving it. Using self-denial, strong discipline and harsh training, Sparta focused almost all her attention on achieving her goal As the Athenian economy and military became intertwined with the Delian League, the unofficial Athenian Empire was born.

However, all the revolutions were quickly suppressed by Athens. The most notable of these include the Thasian rebellion, which began when the citizens of the island of Thasos saw their interests threatened by the Athenians colonization near their city Term Papers words 4. The Spartan culture was centered on filling the military needs of the polis, and the laws of the land were developed and written by Lycurgus, who established this military-oriented overhaul of society. Because of Lycurgus, it was then decreed that at the young age of seven, Spartan boys left home and entered military training where they mastered the skills of battle until the age of thirty Since his early childhood he was training to become a Hoplite Warrior.

And this is what he originally intended upon being. They were taught that they would come home after a battle either with their shield or on it, implying either coming home successful after battle or dead and carried on their shield Greatness, for Thucydides, was measured most fundamentally in capital and military strength, but his history delves into almost every aspect of the war, including, quite prominently, its leaders. Powerful Essays words 9. There are many changes that occurred during this time that changed Athens for the better.

In order for democracy to be created, you need an empire to raise money Term Papers words 9. E during the civil war in China, two Greek city-states fought for the control of the Greek world.

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The two Greek city-states were called Sparta and Athens. This unforgettable tale of ancient Greek civilization began when the Greeks arrival in B. The Greek era was compacted with stories of battles, conflict, and glory. Duiker, W. Better Essays words 6. Until Xerxes, the next Persian king, would come in to power. Xerxes came into power at around B.

Many city-states surrendered, except for a relatively few that included Athens and Sparta Sparta was the brawn of Greece, while Athens was the brain. Free Essays words 3. Much of his life is known through writings of his students. Considered the founding figure of Western Philosophy, Socrates lives through the transition of his city of Athens from a dominant or hegemony period to a downturn after their difficult loss to Sparta in the Peloponnesian War.

His teachings led to much uproar among politicians in Athens Found in the hills of Mount Taygetus many would consider was a brutal group of militaristic people. Although, this to some extent may be true most of the written information was derived from the ancient city-state of Athens, who were great enemies of the Spartan society.

After the Messenian war the Spartan people moved into the Taygetus mountains and there they would set up what would eventually become the military government of Sparta Before this new strategy, foot soldiers known as hoplites engaged in battle in the form of one mob for each army which on the command of their generals runs at each other and proceeds to hack blindly at the enemy with little to no direction other then to kill the enemy in front of them. This proved to be very messy and the tide of battle depended mostly on emotion and size of an army.

In the name of strategy and organization, the phalanx was developed With Sparta reluctant to spearhead this effort, it fell to Athens to take the position as leader of these united Greeks. The Delian league began as a peaceful and voluntary union, however it was not long before Athens began using the league resources for personal gain and started conquering regions, forcing them to join, and pay tribute. This marks the transition from a democracy to an empire, and ultimately the beginning of the end for Athens This caused the war to drag on, because neither side could easily gain total domination of the land and sea.

Sparta tended to use a strategy that involved annually invading Athenian territory, and destroying anything that helped the Athenians survive. Farms and other resources were targeted by the Spartans, but the effectiveness of this strategy is questionable.

Athens was protected by its "Long Walls" that it had constructed earlier, so it was near impossible for the Spartan army to break through and ravage Athens Powerful Essays words 3. It started from BC and ended in BC It is through the numerous accounts of ancient historians that modern civilizations have learned the lessons of each governmental structure. This essay will discuss the many forms of government introduced by Ancient Greek city-states. Through analyzing the differences and similarities of each political philosophy, a conclusion will be made as to what forms of government were more effective for Ancient Greece, as well as how they apply to modern day government After years of prosperity in art and literature, it abruptly came to an end when Athens and Sparta decided to wage war on one another.

At the time, Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful city-states in Greece and they both believed that they could not be stopped by anyone or anything-- except for one another.

Sparta Vs Athens Vs. Athens

Sparta and Athens pitted the Peloponnesian League and the Delian League against one another, the two leagues representing the listed cities respectively I really do believe that there are both good sides to its formation and also bad sides, and even to the extent of holding the view that the cons outweigh the pros in the formation of the Delian Leagues ultimately.

The Delian League has its mission or goals for which it was formed Mycenae is distinguished as being the seat of King Agamemnon, the most authoritative of all Greek kings. The site first gained renown through Heinrich Schliemann's excavations. It is believed Mycenae eventually achieved supremacy, and that considerable amount of Minoan cultural tradition spread to the mainland.

The idea of an extensive separation of the Mycenaean Age from the historical age of Greece has received worldwide acceptance since it was first advanced. Since there was an absence of literary documents little signs of culture could be found for that long period, and thus became known as the Greek Dark Ages Both Achaean and Dorian invaders passed them by, possibly because their rocky plain was far less fertile than the rich valleys of Argos or Sparta.

Thus the Athenians represented, or claimed to represent, the purest and most ancient Grecian stock, descended from the gods themselves Ellis. Prior to the war, the two powers had agreed upon a truce that was supposed to last thirty years.

Consequently, a devastating war ensued that wrought havoc upon much of ancient Greece. This abundance of chaos brought about by the war leaves us with many questions about it. Strong Essays words 6. These results are sorted by most relevant first ranked search. You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Differences Between Athens And Sparta - Society is defined by its culture, it is determined by its cuisines, language, political, social, and religious structures.

Athens: The Superior Polis Compared to Sparta - Athens was a much more superior polis compared to Sparta because the Athenians invented new ideas and creations that supported the people, such as democracy, the Athenians led the Delian League, and Sparta created the Peloponnesian League after the Athenians created their alliance, and the Athenians changed the ways of their government many times to suit the people, and the Spartans did not.

Differences and Similarities of The Women of Athens and Sparta - Women in the ancient world had few rights, they differed from country to country or, in the case of the women of Athens and Sparta, from city-state to the city-state.

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Differences Between Sparta And Athens - Within different civilizations of the Greek City-States and the Hellenistic World, there were different values, power structures, and politics that made the societies powerful and successful. Comparing Ancient Sparta And Athens - There was once an era when Greece was one of the most powerful empires intellectually and physically. Athens and Sparta - During the period of Greek history from the last years of the Persian Wars till the beginning of the First Peloponnesian War, the primacy of Sparta declined whileAthens was gaining increased influence in Greece.

Athens and Sparta - Greece consisted of many city-states, two of which were Athens and Sparta. Culture and Technology in Athens and Sparta - Culture and Technology in Athens and Sparta The culture of a society, as determined by its political, social and religious structure, is a major factor in the development of its technology. Slavery in Sparta vs. Slavery in Athens - Slavery has been a major component of human civilization all throughout history.

Lycurgus in Sparta and Solon in Athens - Many believe the notion of equality and justice are very much intertwined. Greek Cities: Athens vs Sparta Essay - Greece is a country united by its name, but divided by its ways. Athens vs. Sparta - Athens vs. Differences Between Sparta and Athens in Ancient Greece - The ancient civilization of Greece contained many different city-states; two of these city-states were Sparta and Athens. Athens VS Sparta - During the late Archaic Greek and Classical periods, two particular city-states were in existence with significant similarities as well as differences.

The Ancient Greeks ' Treatment Of Women - When thinking of ancient Greece, images of revolutionary contrapposto sculpture, ornate lecture halls, and great philosophers in togas are sure to come to mind. Sparta, not Athens, won the war against Persia - The Greek victory against Persia was largely due to efforts of mainly Athens but also Sparta as well.

Greek Culture and History: A Comparison of Sparta and Athens - The age of Greece was a wonderful time for immense accomplishments and discoveries in science, literature, art, language, philosophy, and many other fields of knowledge. Athenian Vs. Spartan Women - Athens and Sparta are both infamous Greek city states. The Athenian 's Political System - For centuries, Greece has produced innovations and advancements that set an example and high standards for other societies around the world. The Golden Age Of Greece - During the golden age of Greece as a whole, there was one leader of a city-state that produced his own golden age.

Greek Culture During The Peloponnesian War - In this paper I will be looking at Greek culture during the Peloponnesian war, focusing on the Lysistrata -- an old style comedic play written by Aristophanes in BC which deals with the topics surrounding the Peloponnesian War. Peloponnesian War - Dating back to B. Athenian Women - Sparta and Athens are two city-states that clashed greatly with each other in Greece.

Athens ' Freedom ' Influence On Social Life - The life of both cities was strongly influenced by governmental organization. In the city-state of Sparta, the government was controlled by an oligarchy in which the power was held by a group of five men called ephors. It may not seem very fair that the citizens had little say in the decisions made by the government but, at the ti me, this was the better government.

The Spartans needed to give up comfort and culture for a more disciplined military approach to control the rebelling Messenians which eventually turned them into a deadly war machine. Over the years, the Spartan's r uthless and brutal reputation in war grew so large that other nations and city-states were so frightened that they would not attack Sparta even though the Spartan army was not more larger then eight thousand men. The Spartan men in the army would start t heir military training at the age of seven and were trained to be tough and very self-sufficient. Every man in the army would fight with a great deal of passion for his country.

Life in Sparta may have been rough but the res! This kept out all foreign ideas and allowed them to have the eleme nt of surprise when it came to attacks. This law did not affect their economy, which was already self-sufficient. Unlike the rest of Greek women, Spartan women had the freedom of equal rights except for voting rights.

Since men were in the military, the women had full authority over their households and weren't forced into a life of only childbearing and housekeeping like the Athenian woman. The best example of why the Spartan government was better then the Athenian government happened in B. The Spartan government was clearly better for that time period because they could handle the rigors of the military craze which was growing amongst!

For that specific time period the oligarchy government in Sparta was better for the Ancient Greeks than the democratic government in Athens. The government in Athens worried more about the citizens of its city-state then its own well-being. The Spartan oligarchy may not have given its citizens a lot of freedom but it was successful in gaining attention and respect from the other Greeks and their rival nations.

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