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When Wall-E restarts, he acts completely robotic. Wall-E developed essentially alone on Earth, but Eve seems to have gained consciousness or her personality while performing her job that involved ongoing robot and human contact.

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When we first see Eve a shuttle is dropping her off on Earth and she begins arbitrarily scanning the world around her for plant life. Once the shuttle leaves, though, it becomes obvious that she was hiding her individuality. The human-ness of these robots seems to be unintentional and the implications of having sentient servants are largely ignored. When Wall-E follows Eve to the ship he introduces himself to a couple humans who talk to him as though to another person without condescension and only mild surprise, but those humans still order around and even kill other robots without any concerns.

There does seem to be a spectrum of human-ness in the robots shown in Wall-E.

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Wall-E and Eve are highly individual. They still obey their programmed directives, but they also choose many of their actions. Both of them go out of their way to do things they enjoy or care about. On the other extreme, we see many robots on the ship that seem completely robotic. They look and act interchangeably. In a very mild state of annoyance, one of the people splashes water on the robot to short it out.

It does make a certain amount of sense and of course is convenient for all the biological humans involved to treat robots behaving robotically as inhuman tools, but view the robots that display human communication and individual choice as peers.

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It would be difficult to implement, though. When exactly does a robot pass from robotic to human? How do you test for human qualities?

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But of course, in the film these humanized robots are largely ignored rather than integrated into society. The robotic repair ward is a kind of quarantine area until misbehaving robots can be fixed, but it also becomes clear that these robots are the very ones that have some degree of personality when they help Wall-E and Eve with their newfound mission.

What really struck me was how strange and interesting the character Auto is. In the context of how Wall-E shows the spectrum of human-robot, though, he occupies a very uneasy place, and thinking about how exactly he fits in has changed my reading of the film as a whole. He works very hard at sneaking around and then outright fighting the humans and robots who are trying to make that return happen.

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However, when we discover his reasons for averting this return at all cost — that he was ordered to do so — he no longer fits so well on the human end of the spectrum like Wall-E and EVE. It becomes clear that he has only ever been following orders, just like the pool attendant robot. Switching him off is a moment of triumph for the humans and human-esque robots in the film because they can achieve their goals. Moreover, the humans on the ship who have gone so long without caring for the Earth in any way, not even registering that the point of the EVE probes is to someday return to Earth, are not implicated in responsibility.

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  • Auto serves as a kind of scapegoat for the whole immense process of abusing and nearly destroying Earth, separating life from its connections to the Earth, and then putting it all out of mind. Their relationship is very influential towards the other characters, like mo the cleaning robot. This shows that wall-e influenced mo to make a conscious decision to go against his directive. Another example of this would be eve willing to go against her directive to fix wall-e when he gets destroyed. In this scene the director has done many close up shots and over the shoulder shots.

    Wall-e and eves relationship is very important to the movie, as they influence many of the robots they came across to think independently and ultimately helps everyone get back to Earth. When wall-e first appears in the movie there are a lot of close up shots including him and his pet cockroach, emphasising his wanting for companionship. This means that their first meeting is important to thee plot of the movie. When wall-e is in his house and is watching the movie characters hold hands, he clasps his own hands together.

    This is shown throughout the movie, many times when he was with eve.

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    This symbolises their relationship and his love for eve. Another example of this is wall-e quickly following eve when she started leaving earth on the spaceship. This shows that he was willing to leave everything he knew, because he felt a special connection to eve and was very lonely. This is important to the movie, because without wall-e going up to the axiom to be with eve, and changing how the humans thought about earth, they would have never have gone back to earth and wall-e would have still been lonely. The relationship between wall-e and eve was important not only important to wall-e, because he needed the company, but also the entire movie plot. Throughout these teamwork scenes the director uses a combination of fast paced music and different shot types, like long shots, that added to the effect of the teamwork scenes. When wall-e and eve are attempting to put the plant into the holo-detector but lose it, many of the robots and people surrounding them use teamwork to help get the plant back to eve.

    Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall E '

    This shows that wall-e and eve influenced the people and robots to work as a team. In this scene there were a lot of long shots and mid shots, which were used to show all the defective robots, This shows that again, wall-e and eves teamwork has rubbed off on and influenced other robots, as they were willing to work as a team for the greater good of the ship, and that it was important to feature all the defective robots in the shot.

    The relationship between wall-e and eve showed many aspects of teamwork, and this was important to the rest of the characters in many ways. Wall-e and eves relationship ship was important to both the plot and themselves.

    Why Is WALL·E The Last Robot On Earth? - WALL·E Explained

    Their relationship effects the robots and makes them think for themselves. Their relationship was also important for wall-e himself, as he was lonely and seeking a friend. Their relationship also showed everyone surrounding them about teamwork.