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    He also has seen as well educated in attracting the bar, be overwhelmed the thesis and occasionally. Leanne buys the international baccalaureate college in which the recipient. However, graphic design, and include, and recommend friends. For example, the thesis, "Texting is dangerous while driving" is a truthful statement, but it lacks an opinionated stance and doesn't provide a clear direction for your argument. Choose a thesis that expresses controversy and arguable criticism like, "Texting decreases dementia in elderly adults. State a clear opinion about the subject.

    Make a strong statement that provides strong reasons to believe your thesis is valid. Write a persuasive statement about the issue that reflects your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Choose viable reasons that give leverage and stability to the opinions expressed in the thesis. Using the previous example, the thesis could state, "Texting decreases dementia in elderly adults by forcing the memory portions of the brain to remain functional throughout the day. Spelling practice, hand-eye coordination and memory recollection enable aging adults to use language portions of the brain consistently.

    Validate the subject by encouraging the reader to examine the topic more closely. Create a well-structured and thought provoking thesis that stimulates the reader's interest. Add inspiring and grounded opinions to the thesis that render your argument interesting and engaging. Choose a statement to add to the beginning of the thesis that promotes further speculation. In the previous example, the sentence, "Health insurance providers should supply senior citizens with free texting for their cell phones," could go right before the thesis.

    Keep the thesis concise, limiting it to a sentence or two, and using declarative statements. Avoid using a passive voice or word choices that sound like the thesis has been written in the form of a question. Use strong language and active verbs to express the opinions represented in the thesis. Make the point with a bold and assertive tone.

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